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Mount Vaughan Antarctic
Expedition update:

We have dreamed big and dared to fail, but unfortunately have not met our goal. To get to Mount Vaughan we needed a plane – and not just any kind of plane. We needed a plane with skis and extended tanks to not only fly over but have enough fuel to return should we not be able to land. We knew this was going to be a huge undertaking, but had high hopes of finding investors for the plane. It hasn’t happened. So short of a miracle that could turn things around, it is with great reluctance that we have to announce that we are not going to be able to go to Antarctica for Norman’s 100th.

Everyone has been so supportive and had such faith, particularly our main supporting sponsor AT&T Alascom. We are truly grateful to Mike Felix and his great crew who have been there for us at Norman’s 99th birthday party with a phenomenal live video conference across 16 time zones, to the absolutely beautiful time lines paralleling Norman’s life with history over the past 100 years, and of course, for the tremendous job they have done with our website.

You and many, many others have been such true fans and supporters who really wanted Norman to reach his goal and to have that first drink of champagne on the summit of Mount Vaughan!! “Thank you” is a meager expression of our sincere gratitude.

When we gathered our stalwart and dedicated team to make this hard decision, Norman’s response to our not being able to go was, “Oh, you mean this year!” That’s Norman!! So who knows….maybe we’ll be there for his 101st!

No matter what – Norman, the quintessential gentleman, doesn’t linger in the disappointments, but is always looking ahead to new challenges. I guess that’s why we are inspired by him. It’s that attitude which he exemplifies by daring to go after the big dreams that is his legacy.

So you won’t be surprised to know that we do have new plans to kick off his next century! If we can’t get to the south, then we’ll head north.....going to the North Pole in April of ’06! Norman will drive the last few miles to the pole by dog team. Stay tuned to the website for the new and upcoming plans!

For his actual 100th, Norman will be celebrating on top of a mountain - at altitude, but in this hemisphere with friends and family in Telluride, CO. Come join the party on Sunday, December 18th, and join him in a toast with champagne! As an added bonus, the skiing is great! Using adaptive equipment, we may even get Norman out on the slopes!! Let us know if you’d like more information as plans unfold.